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[Xen-devel] question about xen4.4 features

Hi xeners,

I have two questions about xen features.

When I read the feature matrix the below:

I found xen has supported the " Memory Sharing ", which means 
" allow sharing of identical pages between HVM guests ".

But I can't find more detail description about it.
Whether it means all the memory pages of the guests can be shared if they are 
identified same?
Or just zero pages can be shared?

Or where I can find the detail description about it?

I tried the vm save feature by the command "xl save".
And I found all the memory of the vm(my vm memory configuration is 4GB )has 
been saved.
The saved file size is almost 4GB.
Whether it's right? Or any option I missed?
Can I just save the valid content in the memory of the vm.

The test environment is xen4.4/qemu1.6/fedora20.

I am a newbie for xen and I apologize if I am missing 
something very obvious.
Any helps would be appreciated.

Best regards to you.

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