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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v9 0/3] Support for running secondary emulators

This patch series adds the ioreq server interface which I mentioned in
my talk at the Xen developer summit in Edinburgh at the end of last year.
The code is based on work originally done by Julien Grall but has been
re-written to allow existing versions of QEMU to work unmodified.

The code is available in my xen.git [1] repo on xenbits, under the 'savannah9'
branch, and I have also written a demo emulator to test the code, which can
be found in my demu.git [2] repo.

The series has been re-worked since v8. The modifications are now broken
down as follows:

Patch #1 makes the single ioreq server of previous patches into the
default ioreq server and introduces an API for creating secondary servers.

Patch #2 adds an enable/disable operation to the API for secondary servers
which makes sure that they cannot be active whilst their shared pages are
present in the guest's P2M.

Patch #3 adds makes handling buffered ioreqs optional for secondary servers.
This saves a page of memory per server.

The hotplug controller patch of previous versions of this series has
been dropped to give me more time for testing, and possible re-factoring.
This means that, for now, bus rescans will need to be invoked from within
the guest to notice devices provided by secondary emulators coming and going.

The demo emulator can simply be invoked from a shell. The emulated
device is not an awful lot of use at this stage - it appears as a SCSI
controller with one IO BAR and one MEM BAR and has no intrinsic
functionality... but then it is only supposed to be demo :-)


[1] http://xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=people/pauldu/xen.git
[2] http://xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=people/pauldu/demu.git

 - First non-RFC posting

 - Addressed comments from Jan Beulich

 - Addressed comments from Ian Campbell and George Dunlap
 - Series heavily re-worked, 2 patches added

 - One more patch added to separate out a bug-fix, as requested by
   Jan Beulich
 - Switched to using rangesets as suggested by Jan Beulich
 - Changed domain restore path as requested by Ian Campbell
 - Added documentation for new hypercalls and libxenctrl API as requested
   by Ian Campbell
 - Added handling of multi-byte GPE I/O as suggested by Jan Beulich

 - Bugfix patch dropped as it has already been taken
 - Addressed various comments from Jan Beulich and Ian Campbell
 - Split out the addition of asprintf() into a separate patch
 - Dropped hotplug controller patch for now, to allow more time for testing
 - Split out rangeset patch and make range limit optional parameter
 - Added missing XSM checks

 - Addressed more comments from Jan Beulich
 - Backed out argument change to rangset_new() in favour of new
   rangeset_limit() function

 - Addressed more comments from Jan Beulich:
   - Patch #1 (or patch #7 as-was) is the only patch that has been
     significantly modified (in hypervisor code)
   - Patches #2 and #3 are (hopefully now) fixed for style and hence
     marked as acked. (There were no functional mods.)
 - Fixed error message nit pointed out by Ian Campbell:
   - Error message change in domain restore code in patch #1

 - Addressed more comments from Jan Beulich:
   - Patch #1 is the only patch that has been modified
     (in hypervisor code)

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