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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V5 29/32] xl: use "libxl-json" format

Wei Liu writes ("[PATCH V5 29/32] xl: use "libxl-json" format"):
> Before this change, xl stores domain configuration in "xl" format, which
> is in fact a verbatim copy of user supplied domain config.
> +    /* If we're doing migration, the domain name was appended with
> +     * "--incoming" a few lines above. So we need to remove that
> +     * suffix in the stored configuration.
> +     */
> +    if (migrate_fd >= 0) {
> +        libxl_domain_config d;
> +        int xlen = strlen("--incoming");
> +        int orig_len;
> +
> +        ret = libxl_load_domain_configuration(ctx, domid, &d);

Firstly, I think this editing of libxl's copy of domain config way is
a layering violation.

But it ought to be unnecessary, because either libxl_domain_rename
or "libxl_load_domain_configuration" should deal with it.  I would
much prefer the latter, as that results in the domain name being
stored only in one place.

I mostly agree with Ian's comments.


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