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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V5 27/32] libxl: libxl-json format and load/store configuration functions

Wei Liu writes ("[PATCH V5 27/32] libxl: libxl-json format and load/store 
configuration functions"):
> Introduce a new format in libxl userdata store called "libxl-json". This
> format contains the deserialized version of domain configuration of a
> domain.

I don't think "deserialised" means what you think it means here.
JSON is a data structure serialisation format.  So the structure is
serialised, not deserialised.  But it would be better to just say "the
JSON version" or some such.

I don't think I understand what role these two functions play in the
public API.  libxl_load_domain_configuration doesn't really "load" a
configuration; it obtains the configuration of a running domain.  But
at the moment it doesn't do anything unless store has been called.

I can't see why an application would ever want to call
libxl_store_domain_configuration.  If it did, what would it mean ?


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