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Re: [Xen-devel] [OSSTEST] My queue

On Mon, 2014-05-19 at 12:43 +0100, Ian Campbell wrote:
> As discussed I have pulled together the various acked patches and bits
> of series which I have hanging around and rebased on top of your
> rumpkernel tests (lots of context rejects, trivially resolved), ready to
> be pushed once your changes pass.

the rumpkernels stuff passed osstest's own gate so I have now pushed to

77db923 cr-publish-flight-logs: Provide ref path for osstest branch push
5f3a63a Add my developer/deployment notes as README.dev
f1bf1f5 production-config: Update to pickup latest Debian Installer
bc63a90 sg-run-job: check for prerequisite builds when running build jobs
34d3706 standalone: allow making a baseline flight.
ca8bc3c ts-xen-build: Move Xen build tree from xen-unstable to just xen
a04eb47 ts-xen-build: stash the Xen and SeaBIOS .config's
280d1c8 Add a flight to test seabios.org's master branch
200500c Add a flight to test qemu.org's ("mainline") master branch.
20e98de mg-debian-installer-update: grab Xen PV domU capable images too
2bbaff7 Build against liblzma to support .xz compressed kernels
0891eab cr-external-linux: remove
b2a9b8d cr-daily-branch: Only build oldkern for xen-unstable flights
9b72696 crontab: Bisect the libvirt branch
74c297d mg-debian-installer-update: Updates for newer armhf kernels from 


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