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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 0/5] xen: Add EFI support

On 16/05/14 21:41, Daniel Kiper wrote:
> Hey,
> This patch series adds EFI support for Xen dom0 guests.
> It is based on Jan Beulich and Tang Liang work. I was
> trying to take into account all previous comments,
> however, if I missed something sorry for that.

There needs to be a better description of this series.  In particular, a
description of why Xen PV guests are different and the overall design used.

> I am still not sure what to do with /sys/firmware/efi/config_table,
> /sys/firmware/efi/{fw_vendor,runtime,systab} files. On bare metal
> they contain physical addresses of relevant structures. However,
> in Xen case they does not make sens. So maybe they should contain
> invalid values (e.g. 0) or should not appear at all on Xen (I prefer
> last one). What do you think about that?

Generally, dom0 has provided access to BIOS provided data structures.  I
think you should do the same here.  They may be useful for diagnostics
if nothing else.


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