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Re: [Xen-devel] GPU passthrough performance regression in >4GB vms due to XSA-60 changes

On 05/19/2014 12:29 PM, Tomasz Wroblewski wrote:

On 05/16/2014 04:36 PM, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 16.05.14 at 13:38, <JBeulich@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 16.05.14 at 13:18, <tomasz.wroblewski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If I coded up a patch to deal with this on -unstable, would you be
able to test that?
Willing to give it a go (xen major version updates are often problematic to do though so can't promise success). What would your patch be doing?
Adding entries to MTRR for the relocated regions?
This and properly declare the region in ACPI's _CRS. For starters I'll
probably try keeping the WB default overlaid with UC variable ranges,
as that's going to be the less intrusive change.
Okay here are two patches - the first to deal with the above mentioned
items, and the second to further increase correctness and at once
shrink the number of MTRR regions needed.

Afaict they apply equally well to stable-4.3, master, and staging.

But to be honest I don't expect any performance improvement, all
I'd expect is that BARs relocated above 4Gb would now get treated
equally to such below 4Gb - UC in all cases.
Thanks Jan. I've tried the patches and you're correct, putting UC in MTRR for the relocated region didn't help the issue. However, I had to hack that manually - the codepaths to do that in your hvmloader patch were not activating. The hvmloader is not programming guest pci bars to 64bit regions at all, rather still programming them with 32 bit regions... upon a look this seems because using_64bar conditon, as well as bar64_relocate in hvmloader/pci.c is always false.

So bar relocation to 64bit is not happening, but ram relocation as per the code tagged as /* Relocate RAM that overlaps PCI space (in 64k-page chunks). */ is happening. This maybe is correct (?), although I think the fact that RAM is relocated but not the BAR causes the tools (i.e. qemu) to lose sight of what memory is used for mmio and as you mentioned in one of the previous posts, the calls which would set it to mmio_direct in p2m table are not happening. Our qemu is pretty ancient and doesn't support 64bit bars so its not super trivial to verify whether relocating bars to 64bit would help. Trying to make sense out of this..

Actually seems to be like the plausible explanation for the performance issues we see could be that

- some region of guest space has been relocated by hvmloader out to 64bit memory to enlarge pci mmio hole (which stays in 32bit space) - BUT the caching on that relocated region is UC since at the time of the relocation MTRR was disabled and that caused the EPT entry to get UC type. - however since this is just some region of guest memory not actually used for mmio, just relocated out of mmio hole, the caching should be WB - guest doesn't use that region for mmio but for some other tasks, access to that is slow and slows the guest down. - as you mentioned it might already be fixed on unstable since EPTs are updated there when mtrr is enabled.

That would explain why retaining old loop fixed by XSA-60 fixes the perf issue, since it runs at the time mtrr is enabled, it reverts the relocated region to WB (which is correct I guess for the non mmio-regions)

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