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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 00/13] Test rump kernels

This series builds rumpuser-xen and checks that the upstream demo
program appears to function correctly.  This will hopefully, when
deployed, allow us to spot breakages in the upstream rumpkernel
project's support for Xen.

 01/13 TestSupport: Provide target_editfile
 02/13 git_massage_url: Make idempotent
 03/13 BuildSupport, ts-*-build: Remove some
 04/13 BuildSupport: Provide some support for git
 05/13 TestSupport: Break out target_jobdir
 06/13 TestSupport: Break out
 07/13 target_jobdir: Create the directory
 08/13 guest_umount_lv: Tolerate lack of volume group
 09/13 prepareguest: Tolerate $mb=undef
 10/13 mfi-common: Honour REVISION_LIBVIRT=disable
 11/13 rump kernels: Provide a build job
 12/13 rump kernels: Provide two test jobs
 13/13 rump kernels: Create a "branch" for rump

I'm about to set off a test of this with cr-daily-branch from my own
account on the osstest VM.


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