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Re: [Xen-devel] xen-netfront possibly rides the rocket too often

On 14/05/14 20:49, Zoltan Kiss wrote:
On 13/05/14 19:21, Stefan Bader wrote:
Since I am not deeply familiar with the networking code, I wonder
about two things:
- is there something that should limit the skb data length from all frags
   to stay below the 64K which the definition of MAX_SKB_FRAGS hints?
I think netfront should be able to handle 64K packets at most.
- is multiple frags having offsets expected?
Yes, since compound pages a frag could over the 4K page boundary. The
problem is, that in the netback/front protocol the assumption is that
every slot is a single page, because grant operations could be done only
on a 4K page. And every slot ends up as a frag (expect maybe the first,
it can happen it is grant copied straight to the linear buffer),
therefore the frontend cannot send an skb which occupies more than
MAX_SKB_FRAGS individual 4k page.
The problem is known for a while, the solution is not, unfortunately.

I think the worst case scenario is when every frag and the linear buffer contains 2 bytes, which are overlapping a page boundary (that's (17+1)*2=36 so far), plus 15 of them have a 4k page in the middle of them, so, a 1+4096+1 byte buffer can span over 3 page. That's 51 individual pages. With the previous grant copy implementation there would be the option to modify backend and coalesce everything into a well formed skb. That would be a minor change there. But with grant mapping it's harder. Slots of compound pages could be mapped to adjacent pages to Dom0, maybe somehow you can present them as compound pages in Dom0 as well. But in MFN space they wouldn't be contiguous, you need SWIOTLB or use IOMMU to hide that from the devices. Plus, what happens when you can't find adjacent pending slots? I think we would be better off at the moment with trying to compact these skbs a bit. Usually they overflow the limit by one or two, which means we should reallocate one or two frag, or the linear buffer to decrease the number of 4K pages used.


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