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[Xen-devel] Improvement to linux/hotplug scripts

This patch series contains several improvement to the linux hotplug network

The first one is a bug fix to properly set the rules for HVM domains tap
interfaces. See the discussion in xen-users about that.

The second one is a workaround for some common issue. I need to use it and
think it can be useful to others, but if people don't think it should be 
merged, feel free to drop it.

The last 3 are mainly about IPv6 support.

I tested the first 4 on a recent Xen 4.4 system. The last one I use on
a fairly old Xen 4.1 system (don't have any system running routing config
here), but the vif-route script didn't change recently so it should work
fine for 4.4 too. Of course, it'd be good if other people tested on their
config to see if I overlooked anything ...



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