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[Xen-devel] Moving frags and SKBTX_DEV_ZEROCOPY skbs


Recently I've investigated issues around SKBTX_DEV_ZEROCOPY skbs where the frags list were modified. I came across this function skb_shift(), which moves frags between skbs. And there are a lot more of such kind, skb_split or skb_try_coalesce, for example. It could be a dangerous thing if a frag is referenced from an skb which doesn't have the original destructor_arg, and to avoid that skb_orphan_frags should be called. Although probably these functions are not normally touched in usual usecases, I think it would be useful to review core skb functions proactively and add an skb_orphan_frags everywhere where the frags could be referenced from other places.
Any opinion about this?



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