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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH net RFC] xen-netback: Fix grant ref resolution in RX path

On 14/05/14 12:35, Eric Dumazet wrote:
On Wed, 2014-05-14 at 12:12 +0100, Zoltan Kiss wrote:
On 13/05/14 17:13, Eric Dumazet wrote:

The 'cleanup' of stale ubufs should be right after __pskb_pull_tail().
We can't fix every place in the kernel where frags might be changed,
especially with a netback specific stuff, so unfortunately that won't work

This is the function that can 'consume frags' after all.

Its not clear that you catch all cases, like skbs being purged in case
of device dismantle.
We need this list for two reason:
a) give back the pages to the sending guest (kfree/skb_copy_ubufs)

So If networking stack takes a reference on one particular frag, or
releases a ref on a frag, how is it done exactly ?
Releasing a frag (= put_page) is not a problem, it will be given back to the guest when the skb is freed up. But taking an another ref is bad, because the destructor_arg is on shinfo, an another skb won't have the information about how to release that frag. That's why skb_orphan_frags exist, it triggers a local copy of the frags to be done, and release them back, so later on this feature doesn't cause a trouble. skb_clone does that as first thing, for example. But of course it should be carefully checked that functions which place frags into another frags arrays should call orphan_frags, e.g. I guess skb_shift does such thing. That's what I intend to start another thread about.

Are you 'giving back' page to the guest later because ubuf chain is now
obsolete ???

b) find out the grant refs when the skb is sent to another vif
b) is handled by this patch. For a) netback doesn't mind if granted
frags were removed and/or local ones were injected. It only needs to
give back the pages, it doesn't matter how the skb ended up.

The only other problematic point if frags are passed around between
skbs, I'll write a separate mail about it.

Well, it seems this is exactly the point.
You give 'very special skb' to the stack, expecting stack will never do
any frag games, like in skb_try_coalesce()
That's another function which needs an orphan_frag. Btw. usually these functions doesn't touch these packets, as they don't reach the upper layers of the stack, unless a frontend wants a socket connection to the backend domain.

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