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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 0/9] xen: arm: support up to (almost) 1TB of guest RAM

This series rejigs the guest physical address space to allow for up to
1019GB of RAM, with up to 3GB below the 4GB boundary.

The second patch here (an error check) should be backported to 4.4 but
the rest are not suitable IMHO since they change the guest layout.
Although we reserve the right to do so I think we should avoid such
changes in stable branches.

This has seen a bit of a rework since v3 (which I felt was significant
enough to invalidate the acks on some of the later patches). THe two
main changes were switching to use arrays instead of ram{0,1}size etc,
which allows loops to be used and removing the duplication of the
knowledge of memory layout in both libxc and libxl by exposing libxc's
answer to libxl.


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