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Re: [Xen-devel] Boot time trap handling

>>> On 12.05.14 at 12:40, <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On the BSP, we:
> * load the empty 'idt_table'
> * patch ignore_int() into every entry (and indeed, bottom first which is
> rather unsafe)

What is it that you consider "rather unsafe" here?

> * enter __start_xen()
> * patch in early_page_fault()
> * perform large mounts of setup
> * enter trap_init()
> * patch the real trap handlers into 'idt_table'
> * Set up ISTs for #DF, #NMI, #MCE in 'idt_table'
> * Set up IST stacks in our local TSS
> * Load our local TSS
> On APs, we:
> * Load mmu_cr4_features, including CR4.MCE
> * Load the BSPs 'idt_table', complete with IST information
> * Set up IST stacks in our local TSS
> * Load our local TSS
> * Switch onto our own local memcpy() of the BSPs idt.
> In both cases, until we have loaded the TSS, we risk trying to take an
> MCE or NMI without a TSS loaded.  I cant spot which contributory
> exception would be generated, but I suspect #NP, or possibly #TS.  With
> #DF set up in the same way, we will triple fault.
> Looking at the real trap handlers, they appear to be safe from almost
> the start of __start_xen().

That of course may need closer inspection, and documenting the
results in an eventually evolving patch description.

>  Therefore, I propose:
> * The boot critical region with an empty idtr gets extended slightly
> into the top of __start_xen() and start_secondary()
> * Inside this critical region, set set up and load the TSS.
> * Load ourselves onto our local idt.
> * Load cr4, after the MCE entry path is valid.
> This has the added advantage that we gain full bugframe and extable
> support for the earlier parts of setup.
> Is there anything I have overlooked, or does this plan look plausible?

Looks all reasonable, as long as there's not going to be any window
without (or with a non-working, or with a simplistic) exception handler
that would become larger than what it is now.


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