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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC v3 2/6] xen/arm: Add save/restore support for ARM GIC V2

On 05/08/2014 05:47 PM, Andrew Cooper wrote:
+DECLARE_HVM_SAVE_TYPE(GICH_V2, 3, struct hvm_arm_gich_v2);
   * Largest type-code in use
-#define HVM_SAVE_CODE_MAX 1
+#define HVM_SAVE_CODE_MAX 3


On x86, we require that HVM save records only contain architectural
state.  Not knowing arm myself, it is not clear from your comments
whether this is the case or not.  Can you confirm whether it is or not?
Most states are guest architecture states which include core registers, arch timer, memory. GIC states are arguable, given that Xen uses data structures (e.g. struct vgic_irq_rank) to represent GIC states internally.


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