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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] libxl: fix cirrus vga video memory setting with upstream qemu

Il 08/05/2014 13:33, Ian Campbell ha scritto:
On Thu, 2014-05-08 at 12:41 +0200, Fabio Fantoni wrote:

About qemu version when vgamem_mb property is added is qemu 1.3, I
already did detailed reply about it in stdvga patch:
Or you mean something other?
"in the commit message" is the bit you keep missing.

I not found 1399030886.32736.63.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with google or thunderbird on mail archive, I not understand what post you refer :( The question about qemu versions is above, the patch is tested and on domUs show correct video memory size, for example now I'm using windows 7 domUs with stdvga and videoram=64 and on windows in standard video device properties show 64 mb of memory (default is 16 mb). The only think that I not understand is part of latest Don Slutz reply even if he did "Reviewed-by" on patch.

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english.

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