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Re: [Xen-devel] domains being migrated state message improvements

> So a human can take a look at a system and see if anything looks
> obviously wrong.

and in our case, it is indeed wrong, or ... confusing - Man page says
what we should expect from the state field. But instead we see ------
How one should interpret that ? Even interactively :) vanished, not
available, what really happened there ?! 

First of all this should be documented and explained somewhere.

> How? it uses ncurses to be interactive on the terminal.  Collecting this
> output with automated tools is impractical.

you put xentop on batch mode to record data for long periods of time. 
store it and analyze it. 

> What are you looking to collect?  It surely isn't direct scheduling data.

I want to see from dom0 more or less what xentop sees for each guest.
See all metrics documented here:

I want to consume it via Perl, if available, that would be sweet. I did
not know how to do that and use xentop as a temporary solution. In the
long run I would like to write my won recorder to do that.

Thanks a lot,

Stefan Parvu <sparvu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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