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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] libbxl: add support for pvscsi, iteration 1

On Fri, May 02, Ian Jackson wrote:

> > +Specifies the dom0 visible SCSI device. The string can be either a device 
> > path
> > +like to a block device like /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-XYZ. Or it can be a 
> > device path
> > +to a char device like /dev/sg5. Or it can be specified in the SCSI notation
> > +HOST:CHANNEL:TARGET:LUN. Note that the latter format is unreliable because
> > +the HOST value can change across dom0 reboots.
> /dev/sg5 might have an unstable name too, in some cases.
> You should specify what format HOST CHANNEL TARGET LUN are in.  Are
> they all decimal integers ?  Can we use 0x to specify hex ?

I will find out, and clearify this part of the docs.

> > +=item C<vdev>
> > +
> > +Specifies how the SCSI device is mapped into the guest. The notation is in
> > +SCSI notation HOST:CHANNEL:TARGET:LUN. HOST in this case means a virthal
> > +SCSI host within the guest.
> I think I don't understand "HOST".  Is it an integer ?  Does the Xen
> PV SCSI interface then offer multiple virtual SCSI hosts ?  How many ?

HOST is a number.
Many hosts are allowed, have to check the upper limit. Its likely $HUGE.

> > +=item C<option>
> > +
> > +Right now only one option is recognized: feature-host.
> What effect does that option have ?

I have to find out ;-(


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