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Re: [Xen-devel] [V10 PATCH 0/4] pvh dom0 patches...

>>> On 02.05.14 at 16:06, <roger.pau@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My bad, I've incorrectly printed this as 0x%lu instead of %lx, the
> following output is correct:
> SMAP type=01 base=0000000000000000 len=0000000000092400
> SMAP type=02 base=00000000000f0000 len=0000000000010000
> SMAP type=01 base=0000000000100000 len=000000003ff6e000
> SMAP type=04 base=00000000dfdf9c00 len=0000000000052000
> SMAP type=03 base=00000000dfe4bc00 len=0000000000002000
> SMAP type=02 base=00000000dfe4dc00 len=00000000001b2400
> SMAP type=02 base=00000000f8000000 len=0000000005000000
> SMAP type=02 base=00000000fe000000 len=0000000000d00400
> SMAP type=02 base=00000000fee00000 len=0000000000100000
> SMAP type=02 base=00000000ffb00000 len=0000000000500000
> SMAP type=02 base=0000000100000000 len=00000000a0000000
> (XEN) Trying to access 0x40000000 <- Printed from vioapic_range.
> In this case 0x40000000 falls in range reported as usable RAM by Xen:
> SMAP type=01 base=0000000000100000 len=000000003ff6e000
> Which goes from
> [0x100000, 0x4006e000]

Which is quite odd a range (I realize that I implied the original pair
to be a range, when it was a (start,length) tuple). I suppose the
above is being printed by your kernel - what does the hypervisor
print regarding the layout?


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