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Re: [Xen-devel] domains being migrated state message improvements

On 02/05/14 14:29, Ian Campbell wrote:
>> I would agree that it is a little confusing.  '------' means runnable
>> but not running, in this case due to vcpu over subscription.
> Is that not "blocked"?

Blocked is any vcpu/domain pause count.  For healthy domains, this is
usually a yielded timeslice, which is why idle domains are almost always

> BTW, the "migration" referred to here is VCPU migration to another PCPU
> rather than domain migration. (It came up because that's another one of
> the VCPU pause flags alongside blocked et al)

I do not think vcpu motion around the system is actually relevant to the
problem described.


>> However, the information is stale by the time it is displayed.  It is
>> not really appropriate to be consumed by anything other than an eyeball.
> Agreed. And even if someone disagrees I think it is up to those tools to
> accept whatever the output is, even if that includes "nonsensical"
> results.
> Ian.

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