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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 14/18] xen/arm: IRQ: Store IRQ type in arch_irq_desc

Hi Ian,

Sorry for the delay, for some unknown reason I skipped this mail.

On 23/04/14 15:04, Ian Campbell wrote:
+         * CPU0 otherwise we may miss the type if the IRQ type has been
+         * set early.

what does "set early" mean, how early is early? Initialised before
secondary CPUs were brought up perhaps?

Yes. I will replace "set early" by "initialised before secondary CPUs were brought up"

         /* PPIs are included in local_irqs, we copy the IRQ type from
          * CPU0 when bringing up secondary cpus in order to pick up any
          * configuration done before this CPU came up. For interrupts
          * configured after this point this is done in XXX().

I guess you suggest to replace the previous comment by this one, right?

Why is the copying not conditional on CPU!=0?

As the CPU were not online (therefore its per_cpu regions is not there) at the time we setup the IRQ we have to unconditionally set the IRQ type.


Julien Grall

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