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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v6 08/11] tools, libxl: parse optional start gfn from the iomem config option

Hi Arianna,

On 04/28/2014 02:20 PM, Ian Campbell wrote:
>> -=item B<iomem=[ "IOMEM_START,NUM_PAGES", "IOMEM_START,NUM_PAGES", ... ]>
>> +=item B<iomem=[ "IOMEM_START,NUM_PAGES[@GFN]", 
>>  Allow guest to access specific hardware I/O memory pages. B<IOMEM_START>
>> -is a physical page number. B<NUM_PAGES> is the number
>> -of pages beginning with B<START_PAGE> to allow access. Both values
>> -must be given in hexadecimal.
>> +is a physical page number. B<NUM_PAGES> is the number of pages beginning
>> +with B<START_PAGE> to allow access. B<GFN> specifies the guest frame number
>> +where the mapping will start in the domU's address space. If B<GFN> is not
>> +given, the mapping will be performed using B<IOMEM_START> as a start in the
>> +domU's address space.
> Please can you make some allusion to this being a 1:1 mapping in the
> final sentence.

I would also add smth to say this is for auto-translated domain. It's
not clear in the paragraph.


Julien Grall

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