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Re: [Xen-devel] Multi-bridged PCIe devices (Was: Re: iommuu/vt-d issues with LSI MegaSAS (PERC5i))

>>> On 21.02.14 at 20:08, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk <konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The 0004-xen-pci-Introduce-a-way-to-deal-with-buggy-hardware-.patch
> is what is interesting.
> If there is an interest in upstream this I can take a look -
> but I will need guidance from Jan how he would like to do it.

Well, I don't know. I'm not really in favor of adding such hacks,
since this doesn't scale: What if someone else breaks their
hardware in a different way, and we want to work around that
too? Such workarounds could easily start conflicting with one


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