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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Don't track all memory when enabling log dirty to track vram

>>> On 18.02.14 at 04:25, "Zhang, Yang Z" <yang.z.zhang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I tried to reproduce it. But unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it in my box 
> (sandy bridge EP)with latest Xen(include my patch). I guess my configuration 
> or steps may wrong, here is mine:
> 1. add iommu=1,no-snoop in by xen cmd line:
> (XEN) Intel VT-d Snoop Control not enabled.
> (XEN) Intel VT-d Dom0 DMA Passthrough not enabled.
> (XEN) Intel VT-d Queued Invalidation enabled.
> (XEN) Intel VT-d Interrupt Remapping enabled.
> (XEN) Intel VT-d Shared EPT tables enabled.
> 2. boot a rhel6u4 guest.
> 3. after guest boot up, run startx inside guest.
> 4. a few second, the X windows shows and didn't see any error. Also the CPU 
> utilization is about 1.7%.
> Any thing wrong?

Nothing I can see. The main difference might be that I'm using a
SLES11 SP3 guest instead of a RHEL one.


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