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[Xen-devel] Booting XEN on Samsung ARM Chromebook with display support

Hello guys,

"building" on the great work done by Anthony I was finally able to boot xen and 
dom0 on the Chromebook with display support.

Basically everything was already done by Anthony, the only problem was the 
.config file of the dom0 missing some options and a couple of files in 
arch/arm/mach-exynos which were crashing the boot process (by reading the dtb). 
Actually I was not able to address the problem in a clever way, but I fixed it 
so boot does not crash (almost) anymore.

What I get is dom0 booting and working, boot logs appear on the display like 
when running archlinux natively. The keyboard does not work as pointed out by 
Anthony but external does, so it is possible to log in and check /proc/xen is 
populated. There are two main issues

1) sometimes (very few) boot crashes, but late, e.g., after 2 secs
2) after minutes something weird happens, and it is not anymore possible to cat 
files' content, although ls + cd etc keep working.

I would like to add some files and info to the old wiki page 
 but it seems I can not edit it.

Best regards,

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