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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST] Allow per-host TFTP setup

Ian Campbell writes ("[PATCH OSSTEST] Allow per-host TFTP setup"):
> I run osstest against machines which are in both the XenServer and
> XenClient administrative domains, and hence which have different
> TFTP servers, accessible locally via different NFS mounted paths.
> Make it possible to specify various bits of TFTP path via
> ~/.xen-osstest/config

As I said in person: this would be much better if instead the host
property referred to a named TFTP scope/server.  Otherwise you have to
set a whole bunch of host properties identically.

Something like:
  * Replace references to $c{Tftp*} with a new indirection involving
    $ho.  Perhaps just $ho->{Tftp}{*}.  (Involves formulaic patch made
    with perl -i, perhaps.)
  * In selecthost, look up a TftpScope host property and then
    $c{TftpFoo_$scope} for each TftpFoo (except, I guess, when
    $scope is "default" or something).
  * In selectguest, copy a reference to the hosts's $ho->{Tftp}.

> +     my $tftpdiversion = get_host_property($ho, "TftpDiVersion", 
> $c{TftpDiVersion});

This definitely shouldn't be a host property because it needs push
gate version control.


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