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Re: [Xen-devel] [qemu-upstream-unstable.git] is in CONFLICT state

On Wed, 2014-02-12 at 21:02 +0800, herbert cland wrote:
> Dear ALL!
> Following merge may be overwrite the "xen: Fix vcpu initialization"

So you've said three or four times now. There is no need to repeat
yourself like this, rest assured that your mails are in the relevant
people's inboxes and will be dealt with. Pestering in this way is just

>  patch
> --------------------
> Merge remote branch 'origin/stable-1.6' into xen-staging-master-9 
> -------------------- 
> This made a conflict for xen-all.c.
> So it seems that the vpcu hotplug patch was overwrited by the upstream
> qemu version.

It's not clear to me how you have reached that conclusion. A merge
conflict could be down to numerous things, no all of which are "vcpu
hotplug patch was overwrited".

You'll have to be a lot more precise about what branch you are merging
into what other branch and what you think the undesirable fallout has
been I'm afraid.


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