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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST] Configure the Calxeda fabric on host boot

Ian Campbell writes ("[PATCH OSSTEST] Configure the Calxeda fabric on host 
> The fabric on the Calxeda midway boxes (marilith-* in osstest) does
> not learn mac address (at least not with the firmware we have, and
> with Calxeda folding this seems unlikely to get fixed). This means
> that guests do not get network connectivity unless their mac
> addresses explicitly registered with the fabric.

This looks mostly fine (well, FSVO "fine"!) to me, but:

> +    my $nr = get_host_property($ho, 'NRCXFabricMACs', 0);

This shouldn't be a host property, but a global config option (or even
hardcoded).  There should be a host flag for the bodge, probably
"need-calxeda-bridge-fixup" or something.

And you could wrap these lines, while you're at it:

> +        target_putfile_root($ho, 10, "$images/iproute_${ver}_all.deb", 
> "iproute_${ver}_all.deb");
> +        target_putfile_root($ho, 10, "$images/iproute2_${ver}_armhf.deb", 
> "iproute2_${ver}_armhf.deb");

Or replace this extensive code with something more condensed, e.g.:

  +        my @debs = map { "iproute2_${ver}_${_}.deb" } qw(all armhf);
  +        target_putfile_root($ho, 10, "$images/$_", $_) foreach @debs;
  +        target_cmd_root($ho, "dpkg -i @debs");


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