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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 00/12] Wheezy

Workarounds for bugs and incompatibilities in wheezy:
 01/12 ts-xen-build-prep: avoid lvextend segfault
 10/12 ts-guests-nbd-mirror: set "oldstyle=true"

A bunch of bugfixes:
 02/12 ts-kernel-build: force CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NBD=y
 03/12 ts-host-install: set `IPAPPEND 2' (if
 04/12 ts-xen-install: nodhcp: restructure
 05/12 ts-xen-install: default the interface to the
 06/12 TestSupport: break out target_run_apt
 07/12 TestSupport: Suppress prompting by apt
 08/12 ts-guests-nbd-mirror: purge old packages first
 09/12 ts-guests-nbd-mirror: add checkaccessible test

And switch the default suite:
 11/12 Debian: Switch to wheezy
 12/12 make-flight: abolish special-casing of suite

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