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Re: [Xen-devel] [Patch] x86/HVM: Fix RTC interrupt modelling

>>> On 11.02.14 at 14:15, Tim Deegan <tim@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> At 12:50 +0000 on 11 Feb (1392119457), Jan Beulich wrote:
>> Right, except you do this be reverting other stuff rather than
>> adding the missing functionality on top.
> Absolutely -- because once we went back to having PF set only when the
> interrupt was injected, it seemed better to reduce the amount of
> special-case plumbing for RTC than to add yet more.
> But for the case of an OS polling for PF with PIE clear, I guess we
> might need to keep all the current special cases.  Was that a known
> observed bug or a theoretical one?

A theoretical one. Along the lines of the general theme of all the
patches around that time: Get the emulation closer to what real
hardware does.

> I can't see a way of handling both that case and the w2k3 case.

Since hardware can, software certainly could as well.

> Either we always set PF when the tick happens, even if the interrupt
> is masked (which breaks w2k3) or we don't set it until we can deliver
> the interrupt (which breaks pollers).
> Or equivalently, either setting PF consumes a tick (which breaks
> no-missed-ticks mode for OSes that don't poll) or it doesn't (which
> breaks w2k3).

Are these two really equivalent (perhaps they are in our current
implementation, but I ask from an abstract POV)? In particular
since for the above it's not immediately clear what "masked"
means, i.e. ...

> Or do we have to treat 'masked in REG_B/IOAPIC' differently from
> 'masked by ISR/TPR/RFLAGS.IF/...'?

... this might be the right direction (albeit I think it would be REG_B
on one side and collectively IOAPIC/ISR/TPR/EFLAGS.IF).


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