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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] ia64/xen: Remove Xen support for ia64 even more

On 02/08/2014 05:35 PM, Paul Bolle wrote:
Commit d52eefb47d4e ("ia64/xen: Remove Xen support for ia64") removed
the Kconfig symbol XEN_XENCOMM. But it didn't remove the code depending
on that symbol. Remove that code now.

Signed-off-by: Paul Bolle <pebolle@xxxxxxxxxx>
Basically only tested with "git grep". There's a chance I might have
missed some second order effects.

  drivers/xen/Makefile            |   1 -
  drivers/xen/xencomm.c           | 219 ----------------------------------------
  include/xen/interface/xencomm.h |  41 --------
  include/xen/xencomm.h           |  77 --------------
  4 files changed, 338 deletions(-)
  delete mode 100644 drivers/xen/xencomm.c
  delete mode 100644 include/xen/interface/xencomm.h
  delete mode 100644 include/xen/xencomm.h

Speaking of xencomm, do we still need it in Xen tree?


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