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Re: [Xen-devel] xentrace, arm, hvm

Hi Pavlo,

On 08/02/14 15:51, Pavlo Suikov wrote:
After making a quick workaround to rcu_lock DOMAIN_XEN on arm (in the
quite same manner it is done in x86) I've faced different problem.
Specifically, p2m_lookup for an address in the xen restricted heap fails
on the very first map call: p2m_map_first returns zero page due to both
p2m->first_level and p2m_first_level_index(addr) equal to zero. As far
as I understand xen simply does not know how to make p2m translation for
it's own restricted heap on arm. Am I right?

Another thing to take into account, xen heap pages can be mapped read-only or read-write. You will have to check that when the page is mapped into the domain.

Julien Grall

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