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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Xen sched: Fix multiple runqueues in credit2

>> Apart from that keeping the CPU0 special case at the top is pointless
>> with the cpu0_socket special casing.
> Indeed. If going this route, Justin, I think you can reorganize the
> whole `if (cpu == 0)' (not only the else), and get to a more correct and
> readable solution.

It's still a special case because socket information is not yet
available in this function when it gets called for CPU 0. But I can
make it more readable but not having it stand alone at the top.

>> As to coding style: Please fix your comments and get the indentation
>> of the if/else sequence above right (i.e. either use "else if" with no
>> added indentation, or enclose the inner if/else in figure braces (I'd
>> personally prefer the former).
> Yep, agreed. To be fair, about comments, sched_credit2.c has quite a
> mixture of commenting style in it, and it's really an hard call to
> decide which one should be used. Anyway, Justin, if you reorganize the
> whole `if () else' block, you are probably better off with a big comment
> describing the whole thing, before the block itself, for which you can
> use the following style:
> /*
>  * Long comment...
>  */

Will do.


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