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Re: [Xen-devel] xen pv hugepages

On February 6, 2014 5:17:44 PM EST, Elena Ufimtseva <ufimtseva@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>As I can see there is no support for hugepages in Xen for PV kernels.
>Is this something in the future plans or there is no really need to
>have this implemented?

It was implemented. The UEK2 kernel (Oracle's) and SLES (I think) has this 
implemented. But making it upstream means adding some Xen specific code in the 
generic code which is a no-go.

If you use PVH you get it for free. With the patches that Mukesh posted to 
enable some cpuid flags I was able to boot a guest with 2MB and 1GB pages 
without any trouble.
>I came across this paper
>not sure if this was somehow presented to xen community, I can't find
>any code related to this.
>Thank you!

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