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[Xen-devel] [test day] Windows SBS 2011 random hang and resource utiluization on 4.4-rc2 and rc3


I know it's not officially "test day" but I've been toying with Xen 4.4-rc2 and 
-rc3 and I have several successful linux
PV guests running on 3.13.1.  Works fantastic.

However, I have an SBS 2011 64bit HVM installation (no GPLPV drivers) and I 
routinely get a complete hang.  The VM 
goes 'stateless' in 'xl list' (shows the domain state as ------).  Cannot 
access via RDP, cannot access via VNC, cannot
ping, etc.   Just totally dead, yet the VM "lives".  Issing 'xl shutdown -F 
domain' does not kill it, I have to use
"destroy" to remove the domain.  I didnt install GPLPV because I didnt see they 
were supported for SBS 2011.

No errors in the xen or qemu logs, nothing in the event log, nothing in 
dmesg/messages on dom0.

I can't seem to find anything to trigger it... it just, happens, seemingly at 

"xl top" shows the domain as using 200% CPU when this happens.... in one case I 
left the VM running like that
overnight, and returned, and it had come up to 300% utilization.

The domain sits on a physical disk (/dev/sdd) which is replicated via DRBD to 
another server. 

Any hints? Suggestions?

The domU config:  (typed it, didnt copy/paste).

shadow = "128"
vcpu = 4
viridian = 1

vif = [ 'model=e1000, bridge=xen-pribr' ]

disk = [ 'phy:/dev/sdd,xvda,w' ]


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