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[Xen-devel] Looking for a volunteer to represent the Xen Project developer community at Test Working group meetings

Hi all,

at the last WG group meeting I had an action to call a vote on whether we should open up the Test Framework WG to a community member. We had the vote and it was carried.

== What type of person are we looking for ==
1) Can represent the Xen Project Developer community : this means you need to be an active member of the community (e.g. a maintainer or committer) 2) Has some understanding of how testing in the Xen Community works today and how it should work.
3) Ideally you also have written tests for Xen before.

== Responsibilities and Rights ==
1) You are presenting the views of the community, not those of your employee or your own. 2) This means that you will need to consult with the developer community and understand the key issues on testing. 3) You commit to attending WG meetings and monitor and participate on wg-test-framework@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2) You get a full vote on the WG

== Nomination / Election ==
1) If only one community member volunteers, the nomination is confirmed unless a maintainer/committer objects in private or public.
2) If several volunteers step up, we will have to have a formal vote
3) Time-line: volunteer to self-nominate by Feb 11th. If we only have one volunteer and there are no objections by the 13th you will be confirmed. If you are a maintainers or committer feel free to express your support publicly. Otherwise I have to set up a proper vote, which will take longer to arrange.

Please self-nominate by replying to this mail, stating clearly that you

Note that the next test WG meeting is Feb 13.

Best Regards

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