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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/18 v3] libxl: fork and event fixes for libvirt and 4.4

This is the latest version of my libxl event fixes apropos of Jim's
libvirt testing.

  at  01/18 libxl: fork: Break out checked_waitpid
  at  02/18 libxl: fork: Break out childproc_reaped_ours
  at  03/18 libxl: fork: Clarify docs for libxl_sigchld_owner
  at  04/18 libxl: fork: Document libxl_sigchld_owner_libxl better
  at  05/18 libxl: fork: assert that chldmode is right
  at  06/18 libxl: fork: Provide libxl_childproc_sigchld_occurred
  at  07/18 libxl: fork: Provide ..._always_selective_reap
  at  08/18 libxl: fork: Provide LIBXL_HAVE_SIGCHLD_SELECTIVE_REAP
  at  09/18 libxl: fork: Rename sigchld handler functions
  at  10/18 libxl: fork: Break out sigchld_installhandler_core
 * t  11/18 libxl: fork: Break out sigchld_sethandler_raw
 1at  12/18 libxl: fork: Share SIGCHLD handler amongst ctxs
 +at  13/18 libxl: events: Break out libxl__pipe_nonblock, _close
  at  14/18 libxl: fork: Make SIGCHLD self-pipe nonblocking
 N    15/18 libxl: events: Makefile builds internal unit tests
 N    16/18 libxl: events: timedereg internal unit test
 n    17/18 libxl: timeouts: Break out time_occurs
 n    18/18 libxl: timeouts: Record deregistration when one occurs

   a    acked by Ian Campbell
   +    modified description in this patch
   1    this patch combined out of two patches which were part
         of "v2.1"; consequently modified in v3 since v2
   N    entirely new patch
   n    new in this series, but previously passed to Jim for testing
   t    AIUI up to here has been tested by Jim and improves (but does
        not entirely eliminate) the problems


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