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Re: [Xen-devel] about remus and xl patches

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 1:04 AM, wencongyang <wencongyang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hi, shriram

i don't use this mail to subscribe to the list. so i don't reply the thread.

1. about the script, you check some modules, but the user can build it into the kernel....

At the moment, I am only concerned about users who just want to run Remus on their stock distribution.
(Over the last two years, a majority of Remus help requests I have received were from people who didnt have the expertise 
or did not want to mess with custom kernels on their test boxes :) ). So I figured if someone is smart enough to compile
a module into the kernel itself, he/she would be easily able to fix the script to make Remus work in their setup :).

2. in the function init_qdisc(), you use nl_socket_alloc() to alloc new netlink socket, but i don't find nl_socket_free()

Good catch. Thanks!
.  You don't cleanup when something fails?

I do. Check the *_teardown functions. It currently uses nl_close. But I should be using nl_socket_free as it seems to invoke
nl_close too.
3. in the function get_guest_vif_list(), you call get_vifname() in LOG(), you don't free the memory.

No need to, AFAIK.  get_vifname allocates the string in gc context. Besides, get_vif_list (and subsequently get_vifname) is a
one time call during net buffer setup, i.e., before Remus starts.


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