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[Xen-devel] which branch should be used as dom0 on arndale

Hi Julien,

I found there are lots of branches under linux-arm.git. Xen wiki
recommends to use branch arndale. But i found it lacks of the
following configuration in dts file which is exist in branch
arndale-dom0-3.10. Should i use arndale or arndale-dom0-3.10 as dom0?
Can Xen boot up without those configuration?

chosen {
                bootargs = "dom0_mem=256M sync_console console=dtuart
dtuart=serial2 earlyprintk=xen";
                xen,dom0-bootargs = "console=hvc0,115200n8
earlyprintk=xen debug ignore_loglevel psci=enable clk_ignore_unused
                modules {
                        module@0 {
                                compatible = "xen,linux-zimage",
                                reg = <0x60000000 0x500000>;

best regards

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