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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Developer Summit Storage Performance BoF notes

On 30/10/13 12:03, David Vrabel wrote:
> [ I forgot to make notes so these are from memory, please respond with
> any corrections or omissions. ]
> Felipe introduced the session, highlighting the change in storage (i.e.,
> low latency SSDs and fast SANs) were exposing bottlenecks in the current
> architecture which is designed with slow disks.  Refer to his
> presentation from Friday for more details.
> Felipe noted that persistent grants were causing performance regressions
> when the backend did not support them and system where copy cost > map
> cost (e.g., when dom0 has few VCPUs).  Roger agreed on restoring the
> zero-copy path in the frontends was a good idea. [He has now posted
> patches for this.]
> Felipe mentioned that persistent grants were most beneficial when using
> user space backend.  David pointed out that this is most likely caused
> by a poor implementation of the gntdev device.
> Matt mentioned contention on the m2p override lock as causing
> performance problems and suggested making this a read/write lock.
> David listed some of the key bottlenecks already identified and plans to
> resolve them without any protocol changes.
> 1. Unmap TLB flushes can be eliminated if the mapping is not used.
> Experiments by XenServer suggest grant mapped pages by blkback are never
> accessed thus eliminating all TLB flushes.
> 2. Grant table lock contention can be reduced by finer grained locked.
> e.g., by having buckets of map tracking structures and hashing
> domid+grant ref to a bucket.
> 3. gntdev device does a double map/unmap (for userspace and kernel
> mapping) and does the kernel mapping a page at a time.  Userspace
> mappings could be done at page fault time (in the expectation that
> userspace doesn't touch them) and the kernel side should batch grant
> table ops using a new GNTOP_unmap_and_duplicate hypercall sub-op for the
> unmap.  Roger said he'd posted patch for the sub-op, but received no
> feedback.

Here are the patches, the Linux side was reviewed by Stefano (if my
memory doesn't fail):


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