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Re: [Xen-devel] questions regarding interdomain communication and xen-guest communication

>>> On 29.10.13 at 14:22, Aastha Mehta <aasthakm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for the quick responses. libvchan seems to be useful for what I
> would like to do. A few more questions on that -
> I tried running the vchan-node1 and vchan-node2 test executables. I
> provide the nodepath as data/vchan/0/ports or even data/vchan/4/ports
> but xs_read/write do not seem to work. Is there something I need to do
> to the xenstore?

Sorry, I'll have to defer to people having actually used libvchan to
help you further here.

> I looked at qubes OS and linpicker, which use this library, but I
> don't completely follow how it is to be used. I need to have the
> libraries in both the domains that I want to communicate between, and
> the applications running in these domains use it.
> Could you please point me to the example on using the event channel
> device from user space?

I'm sorry to say that, but - could you please invest a little bit of
effort yourself in finding those? (And if that's really too much to
ask for, grep-ing the libxc sources for "evtchn" would be a good


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