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Re: [Xen-devel] Debugging Dom0 on OMAP5

On Wed, 2013-10-23 at 20:13 -0400, Vaibhav Bedia wrote:

> Looking at the logs i noticed that the initrd is located outside the
> phys area that kernel
> is aware of and hence getting ignored.
> [...]
> [0.000000] INITRD: 0x83000000+0x01000000 is not a memory region -
> disabling initrd
> In the bootargs i have specified the initrd

Do you mean the bootargs given to Xen or the ones given to dom0? How
exactly did you do this.

>  to be located to
> 0x83000000 and that obviously isn't working. What is the right way to specify 
> the initrd location to
> Dom0? Does it depend on where Xen relocates the initrd?

Xen itself chooses where the initrd lives in the guest physical address
space, based on various constraints documented in
linux/Documentation/arm/booting.txt. This stuff is a bit new so I
suppose there could still be issues. Certainly if it is placing the
initrd outside of the guest's RAM area then that is a issue!

For this to work you (or your bootloader) need to be specifying the
location of the initrd in the host memory space at boot time, Xen will
then copy it into guest space and setup the DT given to dom0 to
reference it.


> The following is what Xen prints during boot.
> ...
> (XEN) Loading zImage from 00000000a0000000 to 
> 00000000b7a00000-00000000b7e055e0
> (XEN) Loading dom0 initrd from 00000000a4000000 to
> 0x00000000b8200000-0x00000000b8c00000
> (XEN) Loading dom0 DTB to 0x00000000b8000000-0x00000000b800c46b
> ...
> Regards,
> Vaibhav

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