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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/2] Viridian MSRs

On 16/10/13 14:36, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> I disagree.  There is a perfectly good mechanism for advertising which
> viridian extensions are available, which was being blindly ignored by
> Linux (The specific bug was the HyperV drivers assuming a HyperV timer
> without checking that it was actually present, leading to an hang when
> waiting for a timer interrupt).
> This is a Linux bug; Xen should not be functionally crippled because a
> guest can't enumerate support correctly.
> And anyway - the entire set of viridian extensions is an off-by-default,
> opt-in configuration option in the first place.  Anyone who decided to
> try Linux with viridan can turn it off if it doesn't work.

I think Jan is suggesting that you pre-emptively check that it doesn't
cause breakage in Linux.  So that any Linux bugs (if there are any) can
be fixed sooner.


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