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Re: [Xen-devel] DomU's network interface will hung when Dom0 running 32bit

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 07:26:31PM +0800, jianhai luan wrote:
> >>>Can you propose a patch?
> >>Because credit_timeout.expire always after jiffies, i judge the
> >>value over the range of time_after_eq() by time_before(now,
> >>vif->credit_timeout.expires). please check the patch.
> >I don't think this really fix the issue for you. You still have chance
> >that now wraps around and falls between expires and next_credit. In that
> >case it's stalled again.
> if time_before(now, vif->credit_timeout.expires) is true, time wrap
> and do operation. Otherwise time_before(now,
> vif->credit_timeout.expires) isn't true, now -
> vif->credit_timeout.expires should be letter than ULONG_MAX/2.
> Because next_credit large than vif->credit_timeout.expires
> (next_crdit = vif->credit_timeout.expires +
> msecs_to_jiffies(vif->credit_usec/1000)), the delta between now and
> next_credit should be in range of time_after_eq().  So
> time_after_eq() do correctly judge.

Not sure I understand you. Consider "now" is placed like this:

   expires   now   next_credit
   ----time increases this direction--->

* time_after_eq(now, next_credit) -> false
* time_before(now, expires) -> false

Then it's stuck again. You're merely narrowing the window, not fixing
the real problem.


> Jason
> >
> >Wei.

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