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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 11/11] libxl, xl: add event_channels option to xl configuration file

On 14/10/13 15:31, Ian Jackson wrote:
> David Vrabel writes ("[PATCH 11/11] libxl,xl: add event_channels option to xl 
> configuration file"):
>> +=item B<max_event_channels=N>
>> +
>> +Limit the guest to using at most N event channels (PV interrupts).
>> +Guests use hypervisor resources for each event channel they use.
>> +
>> +The default of 1023 should be sufficient for typical guests.  The
>> +maximum value depends what the guest supports.  Guests supporting the
>> +FIFO-based event channel ABI support up to 131,071 event channels.
>> +Other guests are limited to 4095 (64-bit x86 and ARM) or 1023 (32-bit
>> +x86).
> It's not clear to me what happens if you specify a larger value for
> max_event_channels than the guest and/or hypervisor support.

The guest is limited to the minimum of:

- what it supports
- what the hypervisor support
- what max_event_channels is set to.

The docs should be clarified to say this.


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