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Re: [Xen-devel] Three Xenpaging design questions

On Wed, Oct 02, Gage Eads wrote:

> 1. file_op() vs. pread() and pwrite(): is there any reason file_op is used
> instead of pread and pwrite? Just curious.

Maybe the original author was not aware of them? If there is a benefit
to switch, submit a patch.

> I bring this up because I'd like to experiment with different policies. Are
> there any reasons (or flaws in my reasoning) why I shouldn't fix the 
> identified
> issues with the policy abstractoin?

This depends one the workload within the guest. IMO its not predictable
what pages a guest will touch in the future, so any choice done by
xenpaging is good.

One thing that was suggested is to track the guest page tables and skip
such gfns.

> 3. memory/target-tot_pages: from the name, one would assume this value sets a
> limit of the number of memory pages in a VM. Specifically, the number of 4 KB
> pages in the VM. Instead, target-tot_pages is a memory limit in KiB. I found
> this fairly misleading, but perhaps I am in the minority. Is there any 
> interest
> in either renaming this value or removing the KiB to pages conversion so that
> its behavior more accurately reflects its name?

This property tries to follow other memory properties like maxmem. But
the whole logic may not be consistent. Since this property is not used
by the tools yet, we can likely change it until libxl gets a better
guest memory handling. Maybe such property should describe an amount of
memory like "888MB".


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