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Re: [Xen-devel] Status of FLR in Xen 4.4

Hi David,

with your patch as inspiration, I did various test in the past days but didn't manage to succeed in resetting my vga the right way..

With your patch, and later mine, secondary bus reset is executed but after that i can't boot the vm because i get a 'device model is not ready' / 'refused to pass the pci device' error..
I also tried to don't reset the secondary function of the vga card after executing a secondary bus reset when the first function reset is called, but with the same result.
Do you have any idea if I am missing anything? I tried it with both load/restore configure and not doing so, but it seems xenstore can't handle the vga after the parent bus reset.

Something else that is odd is that my vga has in fact a sysfs/reset file (both functions have a seperate one) but neither doing a normal reset nor doing it by hand does make any change / I think it is not executed, because when I commented out the reset completly, the VM showed the same behaviour on the second boot then when doing a normal reset.. BTW: the same result comes when I'm doing a d0->d3 transition via the kernel. FLR and AR_FLR do not work anyway due to no capability in the card..

So I compared the xen-pciback reset-method with both the pci/pci.c method and what was done in python/xen/util/pci.py and the actions are basically the same (the quirks in pci.py are only for some nvidia and integrated vgas) and I don't see what I am missing.. can it be that after the parent bus reset, the vga card somehow looses it's entry in xenstore or something?

Can you elaborate a bit more what hardware you are having and if your patch works fine for you? I'm currently testing with a AMD HD5400.

Thanks in advance!
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