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Re: [Xen-devel] RESEND [Xen-unstable][Qemu-xen] HVM Guest reading of Expansion ROM from passthroughed PCI device returns data from emulated VGA rom

On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 11:24:46PM +0200, Sander Eikelenboom wrote:
> > Can you send out the all the logs when using qemu-dm-traditional as well as 
> > the guest configuration file used by xl ?
> Sure, here is the complete set for qemu-dm-traditional.
> I have added some extra printk's (see xen.diff and qemu.diff).
> From what i see when combining the info from all logs, both ioports and iomem 
> for the device (host 07:00.0 and 07:00.1, guest 00:05.0 and 00:06.0)  get 
> mapped, but the expansion rom is not (not by hvmloader and not by qemu) as 
> one can see in
> xl dmesg output.
> So qemu seems to create the Memoryregion for the rom, but it doesn't seem to 
> be backed up by any mapping (at least not one that passes through 
> XEN_DOMCTL_memory_mapping hypercall).
> ( how it exactly ends up pointing to the bios from the emulated cirrus i 
> don't know )
> from the qemu log i see a lot of my extra printk's hit for the expansion rom 
> like:
> pt_bar_mapping_one: [00:05:0] pt_bar_mapping_one: [Region:6] need unmapping 
> in case I/O Space or Memory Space disable
> pt_bar_mapping_one: [00:05:0] pt_bar_mapping_one: [Region:6] update bar 
> mapping NOT needed [Address:ffffffffh] [Size:00020000h] [Type:00000008h]
> I also don't know if it would be desirable to do a direct mapping, or that 
> the guest should just get a copy at the right address of the memoryregion 
> that is created by hvmloader/qemu ?

Wu: Did you have time to take a look at this? Anything suspicious? 

-- Pasi

> --
> Sander
> P.S.:
>     The complete qemu log is a bit long for the mailinglist, so attached is 
> only the first part.
>     The complete log is downloadable from: 
> http://www.eikelenboom.it/qemu-dm-guest.log

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