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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] unmodified_drivers: enable unplug per default

Since xen-3.3 an official unplug protocol for emulated hardware is
available in the toolstack. The pvops kernel does the unplug per
default, so it is safe to do it also in the drivers for forward ported
Currently its required to load xen-platform-pci with the module
parameter dev_unplug=all, which is cumbersome.

Signed-off-by: Olaf Hering <olaf@xxxxxxxxx>
 unmodified_drivers/linux-2.6/platform-pci/platform-pci.c | 6 +++++-
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/unmodified_drivers/linux-2.6/platform-pci/platform-pci.c 
index cfd0536..db8fa66 100644
--- a/unmodified_drivers/linux-2.6/platform-pci/platform-pci.c
+++ b/unmodified_drivers/linux-2.6/platform-pci/platform-pci.c
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ MODULE_LICENSE("GPL");
 static char *dev_unplug;
 module_param(dev_unplug, charp, 0644);
 MODULE_PARM_DESC(dev_unplug, "Emulated devices to unplug: "
-                "[all,][ide-disks,][aux-ide-disks,][nics]\n");
+                "[all,][ide-disks,][aux-ide-disks,][nics] (default is 
 struct pci_dev *xen_platform_pdev;
@@ -290,6 +290,10 @@ static int check_platform_magic(struct device *dev, long 
ioaddr, long iolen)
        short magic, unplug = 0;
        char protocol, *p, *q, *err;
+       /* Unconditionally unplug everything */
+       if (!dev_unplug)
+               unplug = UNPLUG_ALL;
        for (p = dev_unplug; p; p = q) {
                q = strchr(dev_unplug, ',');
                if (q)

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