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[Xen-devel] XSAVE save/restore shortcomings (was: [PATCH] x86/xsave: fix migration from xsave-capable to xsave-incapable host)

>>> On 30.08.13 at 11:55, "Jan Beulich" <JBeulich@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Next both HVM and PV save code needed tweaking to not always save the
> full state supported by the underlying hardware, but just the parts
> that the guest actually used. Similarly the restore code should bail
> not just on state being restored that the hardware cannot handle, but
> also on inconsistent save state (inconsistent XCR0 settings or size of
> saved state not in line with XCR0).
> And finally the PV extended context get/set code needs to use slightly
> different logic than the HVM one, as here we can't just key off of
> xsave_enabled() (i.e. avoid doing anything if a guest doesn't use
> xsave) because the tools use this function to determine host
> capabilities as well as read/write vCPU state. The set operation in
> particular needs to be capable of cleanly dealing with input that
> consists of only the xcr0 and xcr0_accum values (if they're both zero
> then no further data is required).

I'd like to make clear that the change presented is going to handle
only the most trivial cases (where any new xsave state addition
adds to the end of the save area). This is an effect of a more
fundamental flaw in the original design (which the patch doesn't try
to revise, as it's not clear to me yet what the best approach here is):
While the XSAVE hardware specification allows for each piece to be
individually savable/restorable, both PV and HVM save/restore
assume a single monolithic blob. Which is already going to be a
problem: AVX-512 as well as MPX conflict with LWP. And obviously
it can't be excluded that we'll see CPUs supporting AVX-512 but not
MPX as well as guests using the former but not the latter, and
neither can be dealt with under the current design.

I therefore think that we'll need to start over from scratch with
how save/restore is to be implemented, breaking up the current
monolithic block into individual pieces. But before working on a
proposal, I'd first like to hear whether others can see better (and
namely less intrusive) ways of dealing with the problem.


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